1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 58Get this manual

1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 58

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM IGNITION SYSTEM The ignition system consists of flywheel magneto, COlignition coil unit and spark plug
of the ignition coilThe induced voltage is much higher than the voltage of the primary winding because it is boosted up by
the high ratio of turns between primary and secondary windings The high voltage is fed to the spark plug, where it produces
discharge sparks across the spark plug gap and sparks ignite the fuel air mixture in the combustion chamber COl UNIT AND
IGNITION COIL INSPECTION CHECKING WITH ELECTRO TESTER Connect the COl test leads with the BlackRed lead attached to the coil
's primary tap and Black White to mounting bracket (ground) Connect the high tension leads with the red ffi lead attached
to the spark plug cord and the black coil 's mounting bracket (ground) Switch the power ONBlack Red lead Red ip Ef) lead