1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 79Get this manual

1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 79

SERVICING INFORMATION TROUBLESHOOTI NG Whenever trouble occurs, try to find and locate its source as soon as possible When
the engine With recOIl started 3 Spark IS weak or red as ob served In the test conducted in the above manner 13) Clean or
replaceNo spark jumps in spark plug when tested as above on spark plugMaladjusted spark plug gapDamaged spark plug capDefective
COlIgnition coil UnitDefective magneto coil Replace 12) Adjust13) Replace14) Replace III WOl faulingcarbon deposite 12) 131
4) on spark plugDirty or wet spark plug Maladjusted plug gapDefective COIgnit ion coil Unit and or magneto coilGround engine
stop SWitch leadFault in Wiring harness 15) Replace III Replace12) Clean131 Adjust Replace4) " Compression pressure" is too
low(Crank the engine by recoil starter to take the reading III Excessively worn cylinder or 12) 13) 4) 15) 16) 15) Repair161