1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 82Get this manual

1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 82

SERVIC IN INFORMATION ENGINE HAS SUDDEN STOPPED RUNNIN G If the vehicle is brought in with complaint that the engine has
braking power 11Excessively worn shoes1 Friction surfaces of shoes are 2) dirty with oil 111 Replace12) Replace13) Replace11Remove
carbon With emery 13) ExceSSively worn drum 2Bra ke SQueaks when applied 111 Fr iction surface of shoes are carbanised12)
Damaged wheel ax lehub bearings13) Excessively worn shoes 12) Replace1 Re place3) Excessive brake lever st roke 11) Worn
brake lever cam 12) Excessively worn shoes andor Replace brake lever cam 121 ReplaceBrak drags 111 Rusty oving parts12) Moving
parts irty Wit oi or poorly lubricated 111 Clean 12) Clean, or lubncate- 7 CLUTCH SLIPS OR DRAGS Step Symptom Clutch slips
Possible cause 111 Clutch springs weakened 12) Excessively wo rn clutch shoe or drum 11) Too heavy 011 111 Replace 12) Rep
lace Clu tc dragsEngi runs but motorcycle will no star! or run 1 Erratic clutch shoe movement 2) 111 Damaged clutc 12) Seized