1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 13Get this manual

1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 13

GE NERAL INF OR ATIO N PREAUTIONS AND GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Observe the foUowing items without fail when di$il$lllmbling andeeuembling
and recommended oilsa When ar more persons work together, pay attention to the safety 01 each othera After the rel55emblycheck
parts lor tightness and opert iona Treat gasoline, which is as cleaning solventlIammable and highly exploliive, with greatest
careNever use gasoline Warning, Caution and Note are included in this manual OCCISionllly, describing the follow ing contentsWARNING
The personal safety af the rider or bystsnder$ may be involvedDisragsrding this informatian could result in personal in jury
CAU TION These instructions point out special service Pfocedures or precautions that must be followed to avoid dsmaging the
mschineNOTE This provides special information to meke maintanence alsie important in structions clearer REPLACEMENT PARTS
When you replece sny parts, use only genuine SU ZUKI repla cement psrts, or their equivalentGenuine SUZUKI parts ere igh