1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 66Get this manual

1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 66

ENGINE SERVICING CYLINDER HEAD Decarbon the combustion chamberCheck the gasketed surface of the cylinder head for distonion
in) CYLI NDER Decarbon the exhaust pon and the upper part of the cylinder, taking care not to damage the cylinder wall surfaceThe
wear of the cylinder wall is determined from diameter reading taken at 20 !!1m (0.8 in) from the top of the cylinder with
cylinder gaugeIf the wear thus determined exceeds the limit indicated below, rework the bore to the next oversize with boring
machine or replace the cylinder with II new oneOversize pistons are available in two sizes: 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm oversizes0990{)20508
Cylinder bore gauge set 50.0sa mm (1.9705 in) Service Limit After reworking the bore to an oversize, be sure to chamfer the