1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 99Get this manual

1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 99

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Note the spark in the spark gap windowIt should be strong and continuous, not intermittent, across preset
coil unit for continuity between plug cap and groundIf the tester reading shows 12.017.5 kn, secondary windings are in proper
conditionIgnition coil secondary resistance 12.017.5 kn CAUTIONAs the diode, condenser and SCR are provid ed in the primary
circuit, the primary circuit cannot be chedtecl with an ohmmeter STATOR COIL With the pocket tester, measure the resistance
between the BfR lead wire and stator base (ground )If the resistance checked is incorrect, replace the coilStandard resistance