1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 179Get this manual

1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 179

l TBOK ('B9MOOEl) SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS AND DRY MASS Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase CHASSIS Front
timing Spark plug SUZUKIPEl" ICDI) 22 .T .D.C at 4000 rmin NGK BPA7HS or NIPPONDENSO W22FPA For Canada model NGK BP7HS or
NIPPONDENSO W22FP-U For the other mode ls Battery 12V 14.4KC 14Ah ) 10HA Flywheel magneto SA Piston displacement Compression
ratio 42 mm (1.654 in82 (5 .0 cu in ) 7 .4: MIKUNI VM 16SH Polyurethane foam Carburetor Air cleaner eleme nt Starter system
Lubricati on system Electric SUZUKI "CCI " TRANSMISSION Gearshifting Gear ratios, variable Dry shoeautom aticcentrifugal
pe Generator Fuse Automati cvariable ratio 2.341.852 7197 133 12 27 14 CAPACITIES Fueltank including 6.0l 1.58 1.3 reserve
USImp gal) reserve Engine oil tank Final gear oil .0l I0 530 .44 USImp gal) 1.2l 1.27 1.06 USImp qtl 80m 12 .70 2.82 US Imp