1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 202Get this manual

1987-2006 Suzuki ATV LT80 Service Manual, Page 202

lT8OI ('90-MODEl) Using SUZUKI pocket testermeasure the'battery VOltageThe tester should indicate more than 12S- 12.6V (DCI
Using the pocket testercheck the battery voltageIf the voltage reading is less than the 12.0V {DC), recharge the battery
with battery chargerremove the ban ery from the CAUTIONWhen recharging the motorcycle Ctw glng I'riod 5t"" charging NOTE:
Do not remove the caps on the battery top while rechargingRecharging time: 5A for 30 minuteor .5A for Shoun CAUTIONBe careful
not to permit he charging current to exceed 4A at any time " {Mlnutesl " Altai recharging, wait for more than 30 minutes
and check the battery voltage wi th pocket tester, If the battery voltage is less than the 125Vrecharge the battery againIf