1988-1992 Suzuki LT250R Service Manual, Page 92Get this manual

1988-1992 Suzuki LT250R Service Manual, Page 92

COOLING SYSTEM 42 NOTE: The characteristics of different anti-freezes varyRead the label to know the protection you will
substance is used to prevent such possible leakage and every new motorcycle is serviced with "Bar's Leaks"The same material
or its equivalent should be filled in the radiator when the cooling water is changed"Bar's Leaks" is available as spare parts
in solid formA suitable amount for use is 15 pack per model, and in the case of liquid antileakage material available in
the market, 13 -14 ml (cc) should be used 09900-24240 Leaks Not available in U.Smodel TMTMTMTMTM CAUTION: Anti-leakage material