1988-1992 Suzuki LT250R Service Manual, Page 130Get this manual

1988-1992 Suzuki LT250R Service Manual, Page 130

7-9 CHASSISI Rem ove TMTMTMTMfront wheel(R efer to page 7-1 Remove TMTMTMTMTM rear wheel(Refer to page 7-32 After rem ving
rimf CAUTION: Never use emgine oil or gasoline because they will deteriorate tre tireCAUTION: The tire fitted on this vehicle
is AT21 TMTMTMTMTMTMTMfor TMTMTMTMTMTMand AT21 TMTMTMTMTMTMTMfor rearThe use of la tire other than the standard may cause
instabilityIt is highly recommended to use SUZUKI Gjenuine tire TMTMTMTMTMTMTMTMTM Mount TMTMTMTMtire on the rim by hand
as shown in the illustdtionI NOTE: Before mOUfJting the tire on the rim, inspect the sealing portiJn of rimWhen mountt"ng
tire, be sure to install the tire onto the rif with the arrow on the side wall pointing in Ithe direction of rotationAlso,