2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 182Get this manual

2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 182

DRIVE TRAIN RIGHT SIDE SHIM SELECTION After the backlash has been checked or adjusted, put few pieces of solder (O.D 1.2
lock to the case cover boltsGear case cover bolt: 23 Nm (2.3 kgf-m, 16.5 lb-ft) Remove the gear case cover( 4-26) Measure
the thickness of compressed solder with the micrometer09900-20205: Micrometer Select the proper size of shim(s) from the
right chart, according as the compressed solder thickness After selecting the proper size of shim(s), install it on the ring
gear back side For right side of ring gear ( Part No27326-18A00-035 27326-18A00-040 27326-18A00-050 27326-18A00-060 Shim