2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 244Get this manual

2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 244

CHASSIS BRAKE DISC INSPECTION Remove the front wheel( 7-10) Inspect the brake disc for cracks or damage and measure the thickness
Magnetic stand Brake disc runout Service Limit: 0.3 mm (0.012 in) If either measurement exceeds the service limit, replace
the brake disc with new one BRAKE DISC REASSEMBLY AND REMOUNTING Reassemble and remount the brake disc in the reverse order
of removal and disassemblyPay attention to the following points: Apply SUZUKI SUPER GREASE "A" to the wheel hub spline99000-25030:
SUZUKI SUPER GREASE "A" (USA) 99000-25010: SUZUKI SUPER GREASE "A" (Others) Install the disc to the wheel hub with the punching