2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 321Get this manual

2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 321

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 2WD4WD SELECTING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The 2WD4WD selecting system consists of the following components: the
are the 4WD switch and 2WD switchThe 4WD switch turns OFF from ON while the 2WD switch turns ON from OFFTherefore, current
is interrupted and the contact point returns to OFF stateNow the motor stops operating2WD4WD selecting button 2WD switch
OY BR Bl BR B Ignition switch Fuse 2WD switch 4WD switch Main fuse 4WD switch Battery 2WD4WD selecting relay 2WD4WD motor
TO SHIFT FROM 4-WHEEL DRIVE TO 2-WHEEL DRIVE: Depress the 2WD4WD selecting buttonCurrent flows and the contact point closes,
causing the motor to turn reversely as opposite to the phase of 2WD4WDThe rack as shown moves in the directioncausing the
driving mode to change from 4-wheel drive to 2-wheel driveThis time, the 2WD switch operates as ONOFF and 4WD switch as OFFONThen,