2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 337Get this manual

2002-2007 Suzuki 500 LTA Service Manual, Page 337

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SERVICING Visually inspect the surface of the battery containerIf any signs of cracking or electrolyte
Stop charging NOTE: While recharging, do not remove the caps on the top of the batteryRecharging time: 1.4 for to 10 hours
or for hourBe careful not to permit the charging current to exceed at any timeAfter recharging, wait at least 30 minutes
and then measure the battery voltage using the multi circuit testerIf the battery voltage is less than 12.5 V, recharge the
battery againIf the battery voltage is still less than 12.5 after recharging, replace the battery with new oneWhen battery
is left unused for long time, its voltage needs to be regularly measuredWhen the vehicle is not used for more than one month