2002-2009 Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark Service Manual, Page 64Get this manual

2002-2009 Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark Service Manual, Page 64

VALVE FACE WEAR Visually inspect each valve face for wear or damageIf any abnormal wear is found, replace the respective
0.35 mm (0.14 in) 09900-20607: Dial gauge (1100 mm) 09900-20701: Magnetic stand VALVE STEM WEAR If the valve stem is worn
down to the limit, as measured with micrometer, where the clearance is found to be in excess of the limit indicated replace
the valve, if the stem is within the limit, then replace the guideAfter replacing valve or guide, be sure to re-check the
clearanceValve stem O.DStandard (IN)5.475 5.490 mm (0.2156 0.2161 in) (EX)5.455 5.470 mm (0.2148 0.2154 in) 09900-20205:
Micrometer (0 25 mm) VALVE GUIDE SERVICING Using the valve guide remover, drive the valve guide out toward the intake or
exhaust rocker arm side09916-44910: Valve guide removerinstaller NOTE:Discard the removed valve guide subassemblies Only