2002-2009 Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark Service Manual, Page 70Get this manual

2002-2009 Suzuki LT-F250 Ozark Service Manual, Page 70

Be sure to restore each spring, valve and spring retainer to their original positions CAMSHAFT The camshaft should be checked
JOURNAL WEAR Determine whether each journal is worn down to the limit or not by measuring camshaft journal oil clearance
with the camshaft installedUse plastigauge to read the clearance, which is specified as follows: Camshaft journal oil clearance
Service Limit: 0.150 mm (0.0059 in) 09900-22302: Plastigauge NOTE: To properly measure the oil clearance with plastigauge,
all gasket material must be removed from fitting surfaces of cylinder head and coverDo not apply SUZUKI BOND "1216B" until
after the oil clearance has been determined Tighten the cylinder head cover bolts evenly and diagonally to the specified
torqueCylinder head cover bolt (M6): 10 Nm (1.0 kgf-m, 7.3 lb-ft) NOTE: Do not rotate the camshafts with the plastigauge