2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 7Get this manual

2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 7

GENERAL INFORMATION If parts replacement is necessary, replace the parts with SUZUKI Genuine Parts or their equivalent When
tighten the larger sizes firstAlways tighten the nuts and bolts from the inside working out, diagnoally and to the specified
torque Whenever you remove oil seals, gaskets, packing, O-rings, self-locking nuts, locking washers, cotter pins, circlips,
snap rings, and other specified parts, be sure to replace them with new onesAlso, before installing these new parts, be sure
to remove any left over material from the mating surfaces Never reuse circlip and snap ringWhen installing new snap ring,
take care not to expand the end gap larger than required to slip the snap ring over the shaftAfter installing snap ring,
always ensure it is completely seated in its groove and securely fitted Use torque wrench to tighten fasteners to the specified
torqueWipe off grease and oil if thread is smeared with them After reassembling, check parts for tightness and proper operation