2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 25Get this manual

2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 25

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE DIFFERENTIAL GEAR AND FINAL BEVEL GEAR OIL Inspect every 000 km (1 200 miles, months)Replace every two
Place an oil pan below the differential gear case, and then drain the oil by removing the drain plug and filler cap Tighten
the drain plug to the specified torque and pour the specified oil through the filler hole until it over flows Tighten the
filler cap to the specified torque Differential gear oil capacity: 300 ml (10.1 US oz, 10.6 lmp oz) Differential gear oil
drain plug: 32 Nm (3.2 kgf-m, 23 lb-ft) Differential gear oil filler cap: 35 Nm (3.5 kgf-m, 25.5 lb-ft) FINAL BEVEL GEAR