2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 93Get this manual

2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 93

Tighten the movable driven face ring nut to the specified torque with the special toolMovable driven face ring nut: 100
service limit, replace the drive belt with new oneDrive belt width Service Limit: 35.7 mm (1.41 in) 09900-20101: Vernier
calipers If grease or oil is present on the surface of the drive belt, degrease the belt thoroughly OIL PUMP Rotate the oil
pump by hand and check that it moves smoothlyIf it does not move smoothly, replace the oil pump assemblyThe oil pump case
securing screw is applied with SUZUKI THREAD LOCK SUPER "1303"If an attempt is made to overhaul the pump assembly, the screw