2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 394Get this manual

2003-2005 Suzuki LT-A500F Service Manual, Page 394

LT-A500FK3 ('03-MODEL) 10-25 STANDARDSPECIFICATION Brake fluid type Steering angle Turning radius Toe-in (with 75 kg, 165
octane or higher rated by the reserch methodGasoline containing MTBE (MethyI Tertiary ButyI Ether), less than 10 ethanol,
or less than methanol with appropriate cosolvents and corrosion inhibitor is permissible19.0 (5.04.2 USlmp gal) 4.2 (1.10.9
USlmp gal) SAE 10W-40, API SF or SG 500 ml Change (2.62.2 USlmp qt) 700 ml Filter change (2.92.4 USlmp qt) 200 ml Overhaul
(3.42.8 USlmp qt) Hypoid gear oil SAE #90 API grade GL-5 300 ml (10.110.6 USlmp oz) 350 ml (11.812.3 USlmp oz) NOTE Fuel
tank including reserve reserve Engine oil type Engine oil capacity Front Rear drive gear oil type Front drive (differential)