2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 5Get this manual

2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 5

Use unleaded 91 octane or higher the Research Method E GI OIL (For USA) SUZUKI recommends the use of SUZUKI PERFORMANCE MOTOR
fluid -018ISeO fluids for theotherwise serious brake fluid taken from or unsealed containersfluid left over from the last
or which has been stored for a INE COOLANT Since antifreeze also has corrosion- and coolant containing antifreeze, even if
the atmospheric does not go Use an antifreeze for aluminum radiatoL KI recommends nle use of SUZUKI COOLANT antifreezeilthis
is not antifreeze for aluminum radiatorsof water can corrode and clog the aluminum radiatorMix only distilled water with
the Mix distilled water and at ratio of 50:5040:60System section For more information, refer to page 5-3 in the -cAu-fioN