2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 29Get this manual

2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 29

MAINTENANCE THE BRAKE FLUID CIRCUIT in the brake fluid circuit acts like cushion absorb of pressure developed by the master
or the it Loosen the air bleeder valve by of turn so that the brake fluid runs into ttlis will remove the tension of the
brake lever causing it to touch the handlebar grip or the brake pedal reaching bottom of the strokeThen, close the air bleeder
pump and squeeze the lever or the valve, Repeat this "'"0''''''' no contains afr bubbles NOTE: While bleeding tile brake
system, replenish the brake fluid in the reservoir as necessaryflAake sure that there is aways some fluid visible in the
reservoir" Close the air bleeder valve, and disconnect tile tloseFill the reservoir wittl brake fluid to the top of the window
or the upper limit line (!J Air bleeder valve: 7.5 Nm CAUTION Handle brake fluid with care: the fluid reacts chemi= cally