2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 273Get this manual

2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 273

SERVICING INFORMATION Complaint Engine overheats Symptom and possible causes 1Carbon buildup on piston crown CleanCheck level
thermostat CARBURETOR Complaint Starting difficultySymptom and possible causes 1Clogged starter jet2Clogged starter jet passage3Air
leaking from joint between starter body and carburetor4Air leaking from carburetor joint or vacuum hose joint5Improper working
starter (enricher) plunger CleanCleanTighten, adjust, or replace gasketTighten or replace defective partAdjustClean or tighten
Idling or low-speed trouble 1Clogged or loose pilot jet Clean or tighten2Clogged or loose pilot air jet3Air leaking from
carburetor joint, vacuum pipe joint, or Tighten or replace defective starter 4Clogged pilot outlet port5Clogged bypass port6Starter
(enricher) plunger not fully closed partCleanCleanAdjustCleanCleanCleanAdjustClean or replaceReplaceReplaceAdjust or replaceClean
or replace with needle valve seatAdjust float height Medium or highspeed trouble 1Clogged main jet 2Clogged main air jet3Clogged