2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 274Get this manual

2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 274

SERVICING INFORMATION CHASSIS Complaint Handling is too heavy or stiffSymptom and possible causes Remedy AdjustLubricateAdjustReplaceRepair
frame or wishbone5Defective shock absorber Shocks felt in the steeringTires rapidly or unevenly wearSteering too noisy 1High
tire pressure 2Worn steering linkage connections3Loose suspension system bolts1Worn or loose front wheel hub bearings 2Improper
front wheel alignment1Loose nuts and bolts 2Damaged or worn front wheel hub bearings3Insufficiently lubricatedFront suspension
too softFront suspension too stiffSuspension too noisyRear suspension too soft 1Weakened spring 2Shock absorber leaks oilings
1 Worn upper or lower wishbone arms and related bear- Tighten 2Bent shock absorber rod1Loose suspension system bolts ReplaceTightenReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceAdjustAdjustReplaceReplaceReplaceAdjustAdjustAdjust
2Worn wishbone arms and related bearings3Worn swingarm and suspension bearings1Weakened spring of shock absorber 2Leakage
oil or gas of shock absorber3Improperly set rear spring pre-load adjuster4Improperly set damping force adjuster1 Bend shock