2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 275Get this manual

2003 Suzuki LT-Z400 Factory Service Manual, Page 275

SERVICING INFORMATION Complaint Rear wheels wobble Symptom and possible causes 1Distorted rear wheel rims2Damage or worn
to specified torque and add brake fluidReplaceReplace piston andor cupClean and lubricateLubricateAdjust 1Insufficient brake
fluid 2Air in brake fluid circuit3Worn pads4Worn disc5Improper parking brake adjustment Insufficient brake power 1Leakage
of brake fluid from hydraulic system 2Worn pads3Oil adhesion on engaging surface of pads4Worn disc5Air in hydraulic system
Brake squeaks 1 Carbon adhesion on pad surface 2Titled pad3Loose front wheel axle or rear wheel axle4Worn brake pads5Foreign
material in brake fluid6Clogged return port of master cylinder 7Caliper binding on caliper axles Excessive brake lever stroke
1Air in hydraulic system 2Insufficient brake fluid3Improper quality of brake fluid Brake fluid leakage 1Insufficient tightening
of connection joints 2Cracked hose3Worn piston andor cupBrake drags 1Rusty part 2Insufficient brake lever or brake pedal