2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 65Get this manual

2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 65

VALVE STEM RUNOUT Support the valve with the V-blocks and measure the valve stem runout with the dial gauge, as shownIf
Dial gauge (1100 mm) 09900-21304: V-block VALVE FACE WEAR Visually inspect each valve face for wear or damageIf any abnormal
wear is found, replace the respective valve with new oneMeasure the valve head thickness TIf the valve head thickness is
not within the specified value, replace the value with new one Valve head thickness Service Limit: 0.5 mm (0.02 in)09900-20101:
Vernier calipers VALVE STEM DEFLECTION Lift the valve about 10 mm (0.39 in) from the valve seatMeasure the valve stem deflection
in two directions, andperpendicular to each other, by positioning the dial gauge as shownIf the deflection exceeds the service