2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 79Get this manual

2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 79

CLUTCH SHOES Inspect the clutch shoes for chips, cracks, uneven wear, and heat discolorationAlso, check the depth of the
clutch with new one CLUTCH WHEEL Remove the inner race and one-way clutchInspect the condition of the clutch wheel inner
surface for scuffs, scratches, cracks or uneven wearIf any damages are found, replace the clutch wheel with new one STARTER
CLUTCH Remove the starter clutch securing bolts by holding the rotor with the special tool& 09930-44520: Rotor holder Install
the starter clutch in the proper directionNOTE:When installing the starter clutch onto the rotor, make sure that the flange