2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 175Get this manual

2004-2009 Suzuki LT-Z250 Service Manual, Page 175

CHASSIS FRONT BRAKE CONSTRUCTION Master cylinder mounting bolt Brake hose union bolt Air bleeder valve Brake caliper mounting
brake system is filled with an ethylene glycol-based DOT brake fluidDo not use or mix different types of fluid, such as silicone-based
or petroleum-based brake fluids Do not use any brake fluid taken from old, used or unsealed containersNever reuse brake fluid
left over from the last servicing or which has been stored for long periods of time When storing brake fluid, seal the container
completely and keep it away from children When replenishing brake fluid, take care not to get dust into the fluid When washing
brake components, use new brake fluidNever use cleaning solvent contaminated brake disc or brake pad reduces braking performanceDiscard