2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 35Get this manual

2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 35

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE TIRE PRESSURE If the tire pressure is too high or too low, steering will be adversely affected and tire
that manual type air pump be used rather than high pressure air compressor as found in service stationsWhen filling air into
the tires, never exceed 50 kPa (0.5 kgfcmpsi)!CAUTIONThe standard tire fitted on this vehicle is AT20x7R10 for the front
and AT18x10R8 for the rearThe use of tires other than those specified may cause instabilityIt is highly recommended to use
the specified tires STEERING Inspect initially at month and every months thereafterSteering system should be adjusted properly