2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 151Get this manual

2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 151

FI SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS SELF-DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES NOTE:00 not disconnect couplers from the ECM, the battery cable from the battery,
dealer mode coupler at the wiring harness, and start the engine or crank the engine for more than seconds Turn the special
tool's switch ON and check the malfunction code to determine the malfunction part .RiOt! 09930-82720: Mode select switch
SELF-DIAGNOSIS RESET PROCEDURE After repairing the trouble, turn OFF the ignition switch and turn ON again If the malfunction
code does not indicate, the malfunction is cleared Disconnect the special tool from the dealer mode couplerNOTE:Even though
the malfunction code (FI light blinks) is not indicated, the previous malfunction history code still remains stored in the
ECMTherefore, erase the history code memorized in the ECM using SDS The malfunction code is memorized in the ECM also when