2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 180Get this manual

2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 180

FI SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS Step (When indicating P1651-L:) 1) Turn the ignition switch OFF 2) Remove the front fender(tJ"7 -6) 3)
8) Disconnect the ECM coupler9) Check the continuity between Red wire and terminal 10)Also, then check the continuity between
BrIW wire and terminal CZl TOS lead wire continuity: Continuity (el))) ,nXih 09900-25008: Multi-circuit tester set 09900-25009:
Needle pointed probe set Tester knob indication: Continuity test (el))) ECM coupler (Harness side) ICAUTION When using the
mUlti-circuit tester, do not storongly touch the terminal of the ECM coupler with needle pointed tester probe to prevent