2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 256Get this manual

2006-2009 Suzuki LT-R450 Service Manual, Page 256

CHASSIS Apply THREAD LOCK SUPER "1360" to the brake caliper mounting bolts 99000-32130: THREAD LOCK SUPER "1360" Tighten
new ones in order to prevent leakage of brake fluid Bleed air from the system after reassembling the brake caliper(c::::7'2-21)
Install the front hub plate and front wheel(c::::7'7-14) BRAKE DISC REMOVAL AND DISASSEMBLY Remove the front wheel(c::::7'7
-10) Remove the front wheel hub(c::::7'7-10) Remove the brake disc BRAKE DISC INSPECTION Remove the front wheel and front
hub plate(c::::7'7 -10) Remove the caliper(c::::7'7 -20) Inspect the brake disc for cracks or damage and measure the thickness