2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 6Get this manual

2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 6

GENERAL INFORMATION WARNINGCAUTIONNOTE Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefullyTo emphasize special
judgement and basic mechanical safety principlesIf you are unsure about how to perform particular service operation, ask
more experienced mechanic for advice GENERAL PRECAUTIONS !Proper service and repair procedures are important for the safety
of the service mechanic and the safety and reliability of the vehicle When or more persons work together, pay attention to
the safety of each other When it is necessary to run the engine indoors, make sure that exhaust gas is forced outdoors When
working with toxic or flammable materials, make sure that the area you work in is wellventilated and that you follow all
of the material manufacturer's instructions Never use gasoline as cleaning solvent To avoid getting burned, do not touch