2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 69Get this manual

2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 69

If the seat width measured exceeds the standard value or seat width is not uniform, refuse the seat using the seat cutterValve
in) (0.2165 0.2170 in) The valve seat contact area must be inspected after each cut Do not use lapping compound after the
final cut is madeThe finished valve seat should have velvety smooth finish but not highly polished or shiny finishThis will
provide soft surface for the final seating of the valve which will occur during the first few seconds of engine operationNOTE:
After servicing the valve seats, be sure to check the valve clearance after the cylinder head has been reinstalled( 2-7)
Clean and assemble the head and valve componentsFill the intake and exhaust ports with gasoline to check for leaks If any