2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 70Get this manual

2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 70

VALVE SPRING The force of the coil spring keeps the valve seat tightWeakened spring results in reduced engine power output,
Standard: (INEX) 110 126 N, 11.0 12.6 kgf 26.8 mm (79.5 91.1 lbs 1.05 in) REASSEMBLY Install the valve spring seat Apply
MOLYBDENUM OIL SOLUTION to the oil seal 1, and press-fit it into positionMOLYBDENUM OIL SOLUTION INEX110 126 (11.0 12.6 kgf)
INEX26.8 mm (1.05 in) Do not reuse the removed oil seal Insert the valve, with its stem coated with MOLYBDENUM OIL SOLUTION
all around and along the full stem length without any break When inserting the valve, take care not to damage the lip of
the oil sealMOLYBDENUM OIL SOLUTION Install the valve spring with the small-pitch portion facing cylinder head B Large-pitch