2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 132Get this manual

2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 132

FUEL SYSTEM CLEANING Some carburetor cleaning chemicals, especially dip-type soaking solutions, are very corrosive and must
to use dip-type cleaning solution and allow them to soakAlways follow the chemical manufacturer's instructions for proper
use and cleaning of the carburetor components INSPECTION AND ADJUSTMENT CARBURETOR PARTS Check the following items for any
damage or cloggingIf they are clogged, clean the fuel passage Pilot jet Main jet Starter plunger Float Piston valve Pilot
passagewayStarter passagewayNeedle jetThrottle stop screwNeedle valve NEEDLE VALVE INSPECTION If foreign matter is caught
between the valve seat and the needle valve, the gasoline will continue flowing and overflowIf the needle valve is worn beyond