2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 146Get this manual

2007-2009 Suzuki LTZ90 factory service manual, Page 146

CHASSIS NOTE:For inspecting the tires, refer to page 2-22 Inspect the valve cores, before installation When installing each
from the wheel rim all the way aroundIf the distance between the rim line and the wheel rim varies, this indicates that the
bead is not properly seatedIf this is so, deflate the tire completely and unseat the tire bead on both sidesThen, coat the
bead with clean water and re-seat the tire Adjust the tire pressure to the specified pressureCold inflation tire pressure
Front22.5 kPa (0.225 kgfcm, 3.3 psi) Rear20 kPa (0.20 kgfcm, 2.9 psi) Vehicle load capacity: 90 kg (198.0 lbs) Before inflating
the tire, check the MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE rating of the tireThis is indicated by "$" following the tire size shown on
the sidewallThe number of "$" on the tire indicates the maximum operating pressureMaximum operating pressure $: 25 kPa (0.25