2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 12Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 12

Table of Contents 0- i Section 0 General Information CONTENTS General Information 0A-1 General Description .0A-1 Symbols
Inspection 0B-4 Valve Clearance Inspection and Adjustment 0B-4 Spark Plug Replacement 0B-9 Spark Plug Inspection and Cleaning
0B-9 Spark Arrester Cleaning 0B-10 Fuel Line Inspection 0B-10 Engine Oil and Filter Replacement .0B-10 Front Differential
Gear Oil Inspection0B-12 Front Differential Gear Oil Replacement .0B-13 Final Gear Oil Inspection.0B-14 Final Gear Oil Replacement0B-14
Throttle Cable Play Inspection and Adjustment 0B-15 Throttle Body Inspection .0B-15 Cooling System Inspection0B-15 Drive
V-belt Inspection and Replacement.0B-17 Drive Shaft Boots Inspection.0B-17 Front Brake System Inspection .0B-17 Rear Brake
PedalRear Brake (Parking Brake) Lever Inspection and Adjustment 0B-19 Rear Brake Friction Plate Wear Limit Inspection0B-20
Tire Inspection.0B-21 Steering System Inspection 0B-21 Toe Adjustment .0B-22 Suspensions Inspection 0B-22 Chassis Bolt and