2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 68Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 68

Table of Contents 1-iii Water Pump Disassembly and Assembly 1F-14 Water Pump Related Parts Inspection 1F-18 Specifications1F-19
Information and Procedures1G-5 Fuel System Diagnosis .1G-5 Repair Instructions 1G-6 Fuel Pressure Inspection 1G-6 Fuel Pump
Inspection .1G-6 Fuel Discharge Amount Inspection .1G-7 Fuel Pump Relay Inspection .1G-7 Fuel Hose Inspection 1G-8 Fuel Feed
Hose Removal and Installation 1G-8 Fuel Level Gauge Inspection 1G-8 Fuel Level Indicator Inspection .1G-8 Fuel Tank Removal
and Installation1G-8 Fuel Pump Components .1G-9 Fuel Pump Assembly Removal and Installation .1G-9 Fuel Pump Disassembly and
Assembly1G-10 Fuel Mesh Filter Inspection and Cleaning.1G-10 Fuel Injector Inspection and Cleaning.1G-10 Fuel InjectorFuel
Delivery Pipe Removal and Installation 1G-10 Fuel Tank Pressure Control (FTPC) Valve Removal and Installation.1G-12 Fuel
Tank Pressure Control (FTPC) Valve Inspection1G-13 Specifications.1G-13 Service Data .1G-13 Tightening Torque Specifications1G-14
Special Tools and Equipment .1G-14 Special Tool 1G-14 Starting System .1I-1 Schematic and Routing Diagram 1I-1 Starting System