2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 185Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 185

1D-37 Engine Mechanical: Valve Spring The force of the coil spring keeps the valve seat tightA weakened spring results in
I831G1140165-01 Valve Seat Width 1) Visually check for valve seat width on each valve faceIf the valve face has worn abnormally,
replace the valve2) Coat the valve seat with red lead (Prussian Blue) and set the valve in place3) Rotate the valve with
light pressureSpecial tool (A): 0991610911 (Valve lapper set) 4) Check that the transferred red lead (blue) on the valve
face is uniform all around and in center of the valve faceIf the seat width "a" measured exceeds the standard value, or seat
width is not uniform reface the seat using the seat cutterRefer to "Valve Seat Repair (Page 1D-40)"I649G1140237-03 Valve
seat width "a" (IN& EX Standard: 0.9 1.1 mm (0.035 0.043 in) I649G1140238-03 Tension "a" 182 210 (18.6 21.4 kgf, 41.0 47.2