2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 229Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 229

1F-1 Engine Cooling System: Engine Cooling System Precautions Precautions for Engine Cooling System! B831G21600001 WARNING
General Description Engine Coolant Description Fig.1: Engine coolant density-freezing point curve B831G21601001 CAUTION Use
high quality ethylene glycol base anti-freeze, mixed with distilled waterDo not mix an alcohol base anti-freeze and different
brands of anti-freeze Do not put in more than 60 anti-freeze or less than 50(Refer to Fig1 and At the time of manufacture,
the cooling system is filled with 50:50 mixture of distilled water and ethylene glycol anti-freezeThis 50:50 mixture will
provide the optimum corrosion protection and excellent heat protection, and will protect the cooling system from freezing
at temperatures above 31 (24 F)If the vehicle is to be exposed to temperatures below 31 (24 F), this mixing ratio should