2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 422Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 422

3D-12 Propeller Shafts: List of shims (for driven bevel gear) Part NoShim thickness 24945-03G50-055 0.550 mm (0.022 in) 24945-03G50-058
in) 24945-03G50-120 1.200 mm (0.047 in) 24945-03G50-123 1.225 mm (0.048 in) 24945-03G50-125 1.250 mm (0.049 in) 24945-03G50-128
1.275 mm (0.050 in) 24945-03G50-130 1.300 mm (0.051 in) 24945-03G50-133 1.330 mm (0.052 in) 24945-03G50-135 1.350 mm (0.053
in) 24945-03G50-138 1.380 mm (0.054 in) 24945-03G50-140 1.400 mm (0.055 in) Check the tooth contactTooth Contact! CAUTION
Make sure to check the backlash after the tooth contact has been adjusted, since it may have changedAdjust the tooth contact
and backlash until they are both within specificationIf the correct tooth contact cannot be maintained when adjusting the
backlash, replace the rear output shaft drive and driven bevel gears Remove the special tool (1) and rear output shaft (2)
from the left crankcaseI831G1340044-02 Clean and degrease several teeth of the drive and driven bevel gears, and then apply
coating of machinist's layout dye or paste to several teeth of the rear output shaft driven bevel gear Install the rear output