2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 584Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 584

Maintenance and Lubrication: Maintenance and Lubrication General Information Repair Instructions Air Cleaner Element Inspection
element must be replaced1) Remove the air cleaner elementRefer to "Air Cleaner Element Removal and Installation in Section
1D in related manual"2) Separate the polyurethane from element 6) After cleaning the air cleaner element, reinstall the removed
parts7) Drain water from the air cleaner box by removing the drain plug I831G1020004-01 8) Reinstall the drain plug Steering
System Inspection (LT-A750XPZK9) I831G1020002-01 B931G40206031 3) Fill wash pan of proper size with nonflammable cleaning
solventImmerse the air cleaner element in the cleaning solvent and wash it4) Press the air cleaner element between the palms
of both hands to remove the excess solvent: do not twist or wring the element or it will tear Inspect steering system Initially
at 200 km (100 miles, month) and every 000 km (600 miles, months) thereafter Steering should be adjusted properly for smooth