2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 643Get this manual

2008-2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad Service Manual, Page 643

Power Assisted Steering System: Control System In the EPS control unit, the steering assist control determines the basic
is the fundamental control necessary for the PS systemThis control prevents convergence from deteriorating at high speed
by making current (compensating current) flow in the direction to keep the steering from turning, thereby improving vehicle
maneuvering stabilityIf the steering input is sustained at standstill, the motor continues to draw the maximum current for
full-assist and the motor and EPS control unit may get overheatedTo prevent this condition from occurring, this control limits
and gradually reduces the maximum current flowing through the motorIn the EPS control unit, failsafe function is integrated
in the motor circuit for the purpose of safetyWith the failsafe circuit in normal condition, the system is ON for the motor
to draw currentIf an abnormal condition is detected in the PS system by the self-diagnostic function, the system turns OFF
the circuit to interrupt the current supply to the motor so that the system can stop operationRefer to "Fail-safe Function