2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 9Get this manual

2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 9

Precautions: Never reuse circlipWhen installing new circlip, take care not to expand the end gap larger than required to
or servicing the electrical parts, observe the following points for the safety of the systemsElectrical Parts ConnectorCoupler
When connecting connector, be sure to push it in until click is felt B827H20000003 Inspect each lead wire circuit for poor
connection by shaking it by hand lightlyIf any abnormal condition is found, repair or replace I310G1000003-02 When taking
measurements at electrical connectors using tester probe, be sure to insert the probe from the wire harness side (backside)
of the connector couplerI823H1000002-01 With lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock when disconnecting, and push
it in fully to engage the lock when connecting When disconnecting the coupler, be sure to hold the coupler body and do not
pull the lead wires Inspect each terminal on the connectorcoupler for looseness or bending Push in the coupler straightlyAn
angled or skewed insertion may cause the terminal to be deformed, possibly resulting in poor electrical contact Inspect each