2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 73Get this manual

2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 73

Engine General Information and Diagnosis: Engine General Information and Diagnosis Diagnostic Information and Procedures
or defective fuel valveClogged carburetor jetValve clearance out of adjustmentEngine noisy (Excessive Excessive valve clearancevalve
chatter) Weak or broken valve springWorn rocker arm and rocker arm shaftEngine noisy (Noise Worn pistonsseems to come from
Worn cylinderpiston) Carbon build-up in combustion chamberWorn piston pin or piston pin boreWorn piston rings or ring groovesEngine
noisy (Noise Stretched cam chainseems to come from the Worn cam chain sprocketscam chain) Improperly working cam chain tension
adjusterEngine noisy (Noise Worn or burnt bearingseems to come from Big-end bearing worn or burntcrankshaft) Thrust clearance
too largeB827H21104001 CorrectionReference Item ReplaceReplace Repair or replace TightenSee electrical sectionAdjustAdjustClean
or replaceClean and dry or replaceReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceClean or replaceClean or replaceReplaceClean or replaceClean