2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 74Get this manual

2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 74

1A-2 Engine General Information and Diagnosis: Condition Engine idles poorly Possible cause Valve clearance out of adjustmentPoor
timing out of adjustmentWorn piston rings or cylinderPoor seating of valvesFouled spark plugWorn rocker arms or shaftsSpark
plug gap incorrectClogged jets in carburetorFloat-chamber fuel level out of adjustmentClogged air cleaner elementToo much
engine oilSucking air around intake pipeHeavy carbon deposit on piston crownNot enough oil in the engineDefective oil pump
or clogged oil circuitFuel level too low in float chamberAir leak from intake pipeUse of incorrect engine oilCorrectionReference
Item AdjustReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceAdjust or repairReplaceAdjustCleanReplaceAdjustReplaceAdjustReplaceAdjustReplaceAdjustCleanClean
and primeReplaceCheck with inspection window, drain out excess oilReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceReplaceAdjustReplaceAdjustReplaceRepairClean
or replaceReplaceAdjust or replaceCleanAdjustCleanDrain out excess oilRetighten or replaceCleanAdd oilReplace or cleanAdjust