2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 163Get this manual

2008 Suzuki LT-A400/F, LT-F400/F ATV Service Manual, Page 163

Engine Lubrication System: Cooling Fan Thermo-Switch Inspection Inspect the cooling fan thermo-switch in the following procedures:
(1) B827H21506018 CAUTION Take special care when handling the cooling fan thermo-switchDo not subject it to strong blows
or allow it to be dropped Do not contact the cooling fan thermoswitch (1) and the column thermometer (2) with the pan I827H1150041-01
Installation Installation is in the reverse order of removalPay attention to the following points: Install new seal washer
(1) I827H1150040-01 Special tool0990025008 (Multi-circuit tester set) Tester knob indication Continuity) Cooling fan thermo-switch
operating temperature Standard (OFF ON): Approx120 (248 F) Standard (ON OFF): Approx110 (230 F) 5) Reinstall the cooling
fan thermo-switchRefer to "Cooling Fan Thermo-switch Removal and Installation (Page 1E-13)" I827H1150042-01 Tighten the engine
oil temperature switch to the specified torqueTightening torque Engine oil temperature switch: 23 Nm (2.3 kgfm, 16.5 lb-ft)