1994 Johnson/Evinrude "ER" 9.9 thru 30 outboards Service Manual, Page 308Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude "ER" 9.9 thru 30 outboards Service Manual, Page 308

Assembly 1Lubricate the armature shaft bearing surface with one drop of SAE No10 oilLubricate the armature shaft on and above
cap to frame and fieldaligning notch and rib suitable tool for holding brushes in place can be made from putty knife I:A
8Put drop of oil on thru-bolts before assembling starter motorInstall thru-boltsTighten thru-bolts to torque of 95-100 inIbs(11
-12 Nm)Seal with OMC Black Neoprene Dip around end caps9Refer to No Load Current Draw, Electric Starter to check starter
operationInstallation i the clamp with two screwsBe sure the rubber sleeve 1Install the solenoid in the starter bracket and
secure is installed around the solenoid2Position the starter bracket on the powerheadSecure the starter bracket using the
two screws with washers and the locknut with washerBe sure to install the ground lead and lock washers on the lower screwTighten
the screws and locknut securely3Attach the vertical throttle shaft to the powerhead with the clamp and two screws4Secure
all the solenoid leads to the solenoidApply OMC Black Neoprene Dip to all connection except the battery" +" cable and terminal5Reconnect