1994 Johnson/Evinrude "ER" 9.9 thru 30 outboards Service Manual, Page 309Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude "ER" 9.9 thru 30 outboards Service Manual, Page 309

Description of Charging System The outboard charging system consists of battery, flywheel, an alternator stator, and rectifierThe
used to charge the batteryOne, several, or all of the rectifier diodes might become damaged, resulting in system grounded
condition, no charge condition, or an incorrect charging rate Charging System Check Chart Where to Look Cause Procedure Reference
Battery 1Battery defective or worn out 2Low electrolyte level 3Terminal connections loose or corroded 4Excessive electrical
load 1Check condition and charge 2Add water and recharge 3Clean and tighten 4Evaluate accessory loads 1Clean and tighten
2Perform ohmmeter tests 3Perform ohmmeter tests All Steps see Pages 8-4 thru 8-7 1Page 8-6 2Pages 8-26, 8-27 3Pages 8-26,
8-27 1Pages 8-26, 8-27 2Page 8-25 3Pages 8-26, 8-27 1Page 8-28 PCE0089 1Connections loose or corroded 2Stator leads shorted
or grounded 3Circuit wiring grounded Alternator stator 1Damaged stator windings 2Weak flywheel magnets 3Damaged stator leads
1Perform ohmmeter tests 2Perform running output tests 3Perform ohmmeter tests Rectifier 1Damaged wiring or diodes 1Perform